From The Artist

Missoula has loved me everyday of my life. This is my way of loving it back.

I was raised in Missoula, and for the past sixteen years I have raised my beautiful daughter here.

I have been capturing Missoula since I purchased my first camera in 2010. This book is a collection of images taken in the right place at the right time.

My hope for this book is that it will live on your coffee tables and nightstand. That you will share stories and memories with loved ones while browsing the pages. That as Missoula continues to grow and change, you will be able to look back at places and moments frozen in time. That this book reminds you of home. A little nostalgic time capsule for you to pass on to your loved ones.

Because these photos were taken spontaneously throughout my adventures with family and friends, or on solo drives, hikes, and storm chasing- they translate a certain passion and authenticity.

The way I see beauty is through the magic of light and being present in my surroundings.

When looking through these images, I feel memories. I feel the heartbeat of Missoula and the soul of this place. I chose to leave the locations unlisted to create curiosity, conversation and to help preserve Missoula for future generations to experience.

I am a Missoulian. Born and raised. It’ll always be home no matter where I am. Thank you to family, friends and the people of Missoula for making this possible.



Help preserve Missoula for future generations to experience and buy MISSOULA, I LOVE YOU